simpleType DataType

Super Types
+--{}DataType (restriction)

        		Describes the data type of the data entry. A double is a
        		64 bit floating point value, a float is a 32 floating
        		point value.
						A 64 bit floating point value.
						A 32 bit floating point value.
						An unsigned 8 bit integer.
						A signed 8 bit integer.
						An unsigned 16 bit integer.
						A signed 16 bit integer.
						An unsigned 32 bit integer.
						A signed 32 bit integer.
						An unsigned 64 bit integer.
						A signed 64 bit integer.
This component is not nillable.


('double' | 'float' | 'uint8' | 'int8' | 'uint16' | 'int16' | 'uint32' | 'int32' | 'uint64' | 'int64')

<xs:simpleType name="DataType">
<xs:restriction base="xs:string">
<xs:enumeration value="double">
<xs:enumeration value="float">
<xs:enumeration value="uint8">
<xs:enumeration value="int8">
<xs:enumeration value="uint16">
<xs:enumeration value="int16">
<xs:enumeration value="uint32">
<xs:enumeration value="int32">
<xs:enumeration value="uint64">
<xs:enumeration value="int64">

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