Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any examples available?
There are some examples in the download section. We provide three example data sets, one Java sample code and a Matlab toolbox with some examples.

I have a question that is not in the documentation.
Feel free to ask the Unisens team under

I like Unisens very much. Can I make donation?
Send us a postcard!

I made a nice extension to Unisens. I wrote a new implementation. How can I contribute to the Unsiens project.
Please contact the Unisens team. We would like to add your contributions to our website.

In which research projects is Unisens used?
Unisens is used in the BMBF research projects CALM, MμGuard and DekomTex and in the EU research projects xDELIA and ARMOR and in the middleware xAffect.

Is there any documentation availabe?
You can find the Unisens user manual, the unisens4matlab manual, the Javadoc documentation for Java interface and XSD schema documentation on the documentation page.

What should I do if I find a bug?
Please submit bugs to You can also fix the bug on github and send us a pull request.

Who uses Unisens?
Unisens is used at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, the Institute for Information Processing Technology of the KIT and others. movisens uses unisens as standard format for their mobile sensors. EDF Browser can also handle unisens format.

Why do the version numbers start at 2.0?
Unisens 2.0 uses some concepts of Unisens 1.3, which was formerly developed by Medset Medizintechnik GmbH.