# Unisens

Unisens is a universal data format for multi sensor data. It was developed at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and the Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV) at the KIT (formerly University of Karlsruhe). The motivation for specifying a new data format was the need for a universal, generic and sustainable format for storing and archiving sensor data from various recording systems. Other main requirements were a human readable header and the use of future-proof standards like XML.

For more information please read the feature list and the documentation.

If Unisens meets your requirements, feel free to try it. The Unisens dataformat and the Unisens Libraries are licenced under the LGPL and can be downloaded in the download section.

We also provide additional tools like a viewer for Unisens datasets (UnisensViewer) and a toolbox for Matlab which you will also find in the download section.